Creating Great Web Photos

  Hidef Photo Do's

·         Use proper lighting to light the entire item thoroughly.

o        Try using two lamps, one at the front right corner and the other at the left front corner.  Disable camera flash.

o        To brighten the white background try using a light (two of lamps) to blow out the white background in addition to the lighting for the item photographed.

·         Try to use a background that contrasts with the item.

o        Use solid, colored fabrics as a backdrop to be sure your items stand out. Solid white backgrounds work well for dark items and some jewelry.

·         Beware of background clutter that can distract viewers.

·         Try a medium camera resolution (1024x768 pixels) for faster upload time.

·         Photograph items at close range and/ or at an angle.

·         Consider a tripod

   Hidef Photo Don'ts

·         Don’t copy pictures (without permission) from other websites.

·         Don’t photograph using flash on items like a mirrors or framed pictures.

·         Try to avoid using flash when possible.

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