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About us

We are SLam Foods

Seasoning Blends, Marinades and Brines.

SLam Foods Seasoning Blends, Marinades and Brines were born in our home kitchens and have grown to be loved by our family and friends for years.

Spice up your beef, pork, chicken and fish dishes with any one of our Seasoning Blends, Marinades or Brines.


Our Customer Says

My wife says it was my best smoked pork butt ever.

Timothy Doe Customer

Don't change a thing!

Sarah Ruiz Customer

Good Stuff!

Tracey Lewis Customer

We received this as a gift. It really sets our brisket apart from seasonings you get at the supermarket.

Jamie Erickson Customer

Our Rubs

BBQ * Grilling * Smoking * Broiling * Roasting

Bubbs Seafood Rub

Sweet & Smoky

Bubbs BBQ Rub

Signature Blend

Bubbs White Rub

All Purpose White Wonder